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Anti-corrosion treatment service

Anti-corrosion treatment service including: Corrosion monitoring and inspection, Consult to design and supply corrosion prevention systems.
     1. Corrosion monitoring and inspection

-    Determine corrosion rate by electrochemical techniques such as polarization resistance (Rp), polarization curve (PC), etc.
-    Test and evaluate the anti-corrosion efficiency of coatings, cathodic protection, and corrosion inhibitors.
-    Real-time internal corrosion monitoring by probe application, coupons installation, etc.
-    Inspect internal corrosion, detect defects (cracks, pitting, etc.) of pipes, equipment, metal structures by non-destructive testing (NDT) methods.
-    Investigate corrosion cause, corrosive agents such as H2S, CO2, steam, salt, sulfate reducing bacteria, etc., by analytical equipment at the field and in laboratories.

      2. Consult to design and supply corrosion prevention systems

-    Design consulting and appraisal of projects in terms of corrosion protection.-    Design consulting, supply and installation of cathodic protection systems for pipes and tanks.
-    Design consulting, survey and construction of cathodic protection systems with impressed current (ICCP) and/or sacrificial anode.
-    Fabrication and supply of sacrificial anodes for pipes and tanks.
-    Consulting and providing additives, corrosion inhibitors, scale inhibitors, bactericidal and antifouling agents, etc.
-    Supplying anti-corrosion coatings for metal structures and facilities.
-    Study-based material selection for pipelines, tanks, and other facilities in different working conditions.
-    Risk based inspection (RBI) for control and maintenance of infrastructure to ensure asset integrity in the oil and gas industry.
-    Surface cleaning before coating.
-    Paint patching for pipelines, structures, tanks, etc.
-    Anti-corrosion management and technology transfer.
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