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Chemical engineering service to improve oil and gas production

Based on the output of analyzing and evaluating properties and characteristics of each field, PVChem develops treatment plans to improve the efficiency of oil and gas production, which include: 
-    Linear wellbore treatment to enhance well productivity.
-    Inhibiting and eliminating inorganic scaling in wellbore, production tubing and surface equipment.
-    Inhibiting and removing paraffin accumulation in production piping, crude oil processing and transportation equipment.
-    Improving gas-lift well performance.
-    EOR.
-    Waterflood markers in fields by chemicals.
-    Flow assurance study.
-    Provide consultancy in chemical products selection for oil and gas production, transportation, storage, and processing.
-    Providing chemicals and technological consulting in well cementing. 
-    Electro-chemical anti-corrosion
Implementing agencies: DMC, PVChem- Tech
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